About us

MADiFold is a development company aiming to improve both the gaming industry, as the market.

2019 is our year. It has to be, because it is when we started and we have to move forward to 2020.

Us is basically me (and friends who help me out), Mark. The aim is to create fun and interesting games, both on Mobile, Console and PC. Eventually I want MADiFold Studio to be a distributor that enables others to get into the market with a fair share for their effort. What I mean is, that while current market is controlled by some huge companies, where an indie developer won’t get much from, unless they are having a really good idea and have a get go of a couple of millions at start, there is still no way to get through. One of the bigger companies will buy you out and you are gone. Assimilated, no way to actually show the world who YOU are, what YOU bring. Just…there was this guy or gall…with great ideas ….and gone.